Here at Riverview Hostel our guests safety is our priority and we want all of our guests to have an amazing, enjoyable experience whilst styaing with us however all guests must read and adhere to the following rules;

  • Any illegal activity that takes place on these premises WILL NOT be tolerated. E.g Drug taking, Drug Dealing. Violent, Aggressive or Drunken Behavior, Harassment towards any other guests or staff.

  • Any guest wishing to have any visitors enter to hostel must notify staff prior to their visitor arriving. Visitors are only allowed in communal areas and are NOT permitted to enter the dorms at any time under any circumstances. Visitors must leave the hostel by 10pm.

  • Male guests are NOT permitted to enter the Female only dorm and vice versa.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the hostel.

  • Hot food is not to be consumed in the dorms.

  • Only alcohol bought on these premises is to be consumed.

  • Loud music, video games, mobile phones etc are not permitted in the dorms. Please use headphones.

  • Please dispose of any litter/rubbish you may have using the bins provided throughout the hostel.

  • Please respect other guests privacy as much as possible. Guests are not permitted to be seen naked in any part of the hostel.

  • Please leave all Toilet & Shower facilities as you find them. These will be cleaned daily. If you feel these facilities are unclean please report this to a member of staff immediately.

  • Lockers are provided. Please make sure all valuable items are stored away in the lockers. Riverview Hostel will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your property.

  • A 500 THB refundable deposit will be taken upon check in. This will be refunded when you check out providing no damage has been caused to the property.

  • Any guest who lose their keys will be subject to a 300 THB charge.

  • All guests must supply a valid passport at check in. A copy of this will be taken

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